Classic Vehicle Data Input Form

All of the data input below (except the "Tune Name") is used to calculate the base tune, so please enter all of the data correctly. Remember that this is a BASE tune. There will be fine tuning needed to mate the base tune to your driving style. The Transmission data is optional. If you don't want to tune the transmission, then leave those fields alone. Your suspension tune will still calculate without the additional data.
FM6 Vehicle Data Points (Imperial Units)
Enter Year Make Model Class PI (optional)
Only choose "Stock" if 1st upgade is "Street"; otherwise, choose 1 option below 1st available upgrade to represent "stock" in game.

Suspension Fine Tuning (Optional)

Optional Input: 100% is the default tuner output. Since the tuner is built on the 80/20 rule, it might be necessary to adjust the suspension while maintaining a balanced output. This is especially helpful when tuning older vehicles, vehicles that tend to tripod, and vehicles with exteremely low/tall ride heights.

Transmission Tuning Data Points (Optional)
* Set to Zero (0) unless custom desired
* Set to Zero (0) unless custom desired
* Set to Zero (0) unless custom desired

Complete Vehicle Data Sheet
Below is the vehicle data sheet for this tune. Contained on this sheet are all of the inputs, tune calculations and parts installed (if input). You should be able to copy the table below and paste it in Google Sheets, MS Excel or some other spread sheet application. You can also just take a screenshot and save tne image for your aarchives.
Vehicle Data Sheet (copy for your records)
Tune Name 2016 U2SCFTC v1.6 Classic
Tune Type Circuit
Spring & ARB Stiffness Spr: 100% ARB: 100%
Rebound & Bump Stiffness Rebnd: 100% Bump: 100%
Drive Type & Tire Compound Stock
Tire Sizes (F/R) (f) 0/0R0 (r) 0/0R0
Max Power & Torque 0 HP 0 LB-FT
Weight (lbs/% front) 0 lbs 0%
Lateral Grip (@60/@120) 0.000g @60 0.000g @120
Ride Height (F/R) (f) 0.0 in. (r) 0.0 in.
Downforce (F/R) (f) 0 lbs. (r) 0 lbs.
Desired Top Speed 155 mph
Redline RPM 0 rpm
# of Gears 6
1st Gear Speed @ Redline 0.00 mph
Calculated Tune Settings
Pressure (f) X PSI (r) X PSI
Camber (f) X (r) X
Toe (F/R) (f) X (r) X
Caster X
Anit-Roll Bar (f) X (r) X
Spring Rate (f) X (r) X
Rebound (f) X (r) X
Bump (f) X (r) X
Brakes Bal = X% For = X
Front Differential (A) X (D) X
Rear Differential (A) X (D) X
Center Differential X%
Gear Ratios (Final Drive = X)
(1) X - (2) X - (3) X - (4) X - (5) X - (6) X

The Tune

Tune Results for "2016 U2SCFTC v1.6 Classic"
Below you will find your tuning results. These results are balanced starting points based on several factors (total weight, weight balance, drive type, downforce, etc.). Fine tuning will be needed to adapt to your driving style and/or preferences. If there are any issue or problems with the tune, please contact BiggLou55 & Beefsupreme42 on the Up 2 Speed Customs forums.
Tire Settings Front Rear
Pressure X PSI X PSI
Alignment Settings Front Rear
Camber X X
Toe (F/R) X X
Caster X
Suspension Settings Front Rear
Anit-Roll Bar X X
Spring Rate X X
Ride Height (form input) 0.0 in. 0.0 in.
Rebound X X
Bump X X
Downforce (form input) 0 0
Brake Settings
Brake Balance X%
Brake Force X
Differential Settings Front Rear
Acceleration X X
Deceleration X X
Center Balance X
Gear Ratios
Final Drive Ratio X
1st Gear Ratio X
2nd Gear Ratio X
3rd Gear Ratio X
4th Gear Ratio X
5th Gear Ratio X
6th Gear Ratio X
7th Gear Ratio X
8th Gear Ratio X
9th Gear Ratio X
10th Gear Ratio X
General Information
  • Suspension/Alignment/Differential Calculations, PHP Coding & Web Page Design, by BiggLou55
  • Base Gear Box Calculations, by Beefsupreme42 (PHP Formulas, by BiggLou55)
  • Testing by the U2SC community (special shout out to Beef, Sniper, Dan, Fraid, Shneeb, Svenna, JJRedman, Basic, & Zerg for all their testing & input, as it was/is a HUGE help)
Version History
  • v1.6 Classic Edition This version of the U2SCFTC was retained as a "Classic" version due to the drastic change in tuning philosophy in version 2.0. This developement path has been retired and will no longer receive updated or improvements.

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