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*Note: In FM7, torque is no longer listed in the Upgrades interface, but it can be found in the "My Garage" and "Select Car" interfaces. Just change the view (Y on the xb1 controller) to find it. Torque is essential to the function of the calculator (differential, toe and gearbox).

For help with undertanding how all of the different parts work and/or help with tunings/fine-tuning, please check out the Basement & Garage Forza Tuning Assistant.

Vehicle Data Input

Enter Year, Make, & Model (optional for multi-tabs & future export)

[Required] Enter Vehicle Data for Tuning

[Required] Tire Compound & Tread Width

[Required] Power, Torque and Weight Details

[Optional] Downforce & Ride Height

Fine-Tuning Multipliers

Enter the optional suspension component multiplier (1.00 is standard). The numbers below will be applied the calculator output. To increase the outpu value, use 1.01-2.0. To decrease the output value, use 0.99-0.10.

Example: If 1.10 is entered for "Spring", then the front and rear spring rates will be multiplied by 1.10 (adding 10% more to the base value)

Transmission Tuning (Race Trans ONLY)

All fields in this section are Required for Race Transmission Tuning! Leave Blank if not tuning transmission.

Tire information (for trans tuning only)

Forza Motorsport 2023 does NOT list the full tire size anymore (IKR!), so you have to lookup the stock size on the interwebs. I know it's not ideal, but it's the only way to get the stock sidewall ratio. You will be able to get the Rim size once you rank the car to 40, but not the aspect ractio. Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately calculate the tire diameter without tread with, sidewall aspect ratio, and rim size. All three are needed to calculate the gear ratios.

      Front & Rear Tires Same Size (Square)
ADVANCED Transmission Tuning (optional)

If the values are set to non-zero, then the calculator assumes you know what you are doing. Output will be skewed of the inputs here are wrong. The input here is for custom "Final Drive", "1st Gear Ratio", and "1st Gear Top Speed".

The Tune

Below you will find your tuning results. These results are balanced starting points based on several factors (total weight, weight balance, drive type, downforce, etc.). Fine tuning will be needed to adapt to your driving style and/or preferences. If there are any issue or problems with the tune, please contact MarcusRetaken & Beefsupreme42 on the Up 2 Speed Customs discord.

For help with undertanding how all of the different parts work and/or help with tunings/fine-tuning, please check out the Basement & Garage Forza Tuning Assistant.

FM-2023 Circuit: 2024 U2SC Fri-12-Jul-22:06:13
Front Engine / 12-Jul-2024 2206:13
Tire Settings Front Rear
Tire Pressure (Stock): X psi X psi
Gear Ratios
Final Drive: X
Ratios: (1) X - (2) X - (3) X - (4) X - (5) X - (6) X
Alignment Settings Front Rear
Camber: X X
Toe (F/R): X X
Caster: X
Steering Angle: n/a
Suspension Settings (Normal) Front Rear
Anti-Roll Bar 1.00 x: X X
Spring Rate 1.00 x: X X
Bump 1.00 x: X X
Rebound 1.00 x: X X
Brakes Balance Force
Race Brakes: X% Your Preference
Differential () Front Rear
Acceleration %: X X
Deceleration %: X X
Center Balance %: X
Inputs & Additional Vehicle Data (Imperial)
Power to Weight Ratio nan lbs/HP
Engine & Drive Layout Front Engine
Stock Tire Compound (F | R) 0/0R0 (F) 0/0R0 (R)
Tire Circumfrance (F | R) (F) 0.00 in (R) 0.00 in
Tire Volume (F | R) (F) 0.00 cu ft (R) 0.00 cu ft
Ride Height (input): (F) 0.0 (R) 0.0
Downforce (input): (F) 0 (R) 0
Max Power & Torque 0 HP 0 LB-FT
Total Wght & Wght % Front 0 lbs 0%
Spring & ARB Modifiers Spr: 1.00 x ARB: 1.00 x
Rebound & Bump Modifiers Bmp: 1.00 x Rbd: 1.00 x
Target Top Spd (in 1st) 0 mph (0.00 mph in 1st)
Redline RPM & # of Gears 0 RPM 6

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